Understanding the world of personal styling

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

It can often be very frustrating to decide on what to wear, sometimes even on a daily basis! However, the solution may be simpler than it seems – a personal stylist. Working with a professional will enable the right decisions about which clothes to buy that not only suit your unique body type, but also clothes that are within your budget, comfortable and most importantly, express your personal style. You can have confidence in all the clothes you wear all the time.

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So, what exactly is a personal stylist?

A personal stylist is someone who works with individuals to help them create and build their wardrobe according to their unique fashion style. The jobs of a personal stylist include understanding and comprehending a client’s needs, desires, availability and budget.

The first thing a personal stylist usually does is filter through your already existing wardrobe for the clothes that fit and look good. This makes it easier to determine what still needs to be acquired when shopping. The personal stylist will then take you shopping to help you find clothes that have flattering colours, styles and cuts for your body shape; however, the decisions are ultimately a personal choice based on unique preference and style. Ultimately, the goal of a personal stylist is to make you look and feel your absolute best self.

The benefits of having a personal stylist

Personal stylists are able to save you plenty of money, time and effort long term as you can ensure that any outfit you wear will be the best one for you in every situation. The garments you buy with the help of a personal stylist will be comfortable and fit perfectly.

Personal stylists are able to tell you which colours match your skin tone, which style and material suits your body type and curves in the most flattering way. As well as having the most flattering outfit for your body every time, you will be advised on how to accessorise with jewellery, handbags, shoes, belts, watches, sunglasses and hats.

Personal stylists know how to save money with purchases and know which garments are better investments and which materials are of better quality and more durable. Your wardrobe will be filled with clothes that are in fashion, fit you perfectly, flatter your body shape, will last you a long time and did not cost a fortune – what more could one want?

There is careful consideration taken when the personal stylist is helping you. They listen to your preferences, problems and self-image issues of specific body parts. In a way, your personal stylist becomes your friend – they take you shopping, listen your problems and give you the best advice of what clothes and accessories to buy.

When looking for or meeting a stylist, ask about their fashion-related educational background and their prior history in the fashion industry. It is also a good idea to find out from previous clients how they experienced the services of stylist and if they could be recommended. Social media is another a good indication of reputable work and client history.

In conclusion, a personal stylist is able to keep your wardrobe filled with outfits that are age appropriate, makes you look and feel young. Knowing that you can always look your best you can relax and radiate confidence all the time.

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